Kodiak Alutiiq Education & Core Values

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While many of our Kodiak Alutiiq traditions are fragmented in the telling or memories of our Elders, and are often no longer practiced in their original form, together they illustrate a rich and complex traditional values system. This values system influences our lives today. The stories our Elders tell, the artifacts we have from our ancestors, and our own observations and experience of our traditional homeland continue to teach the Kodiak Alutiiq today how to live within our traditional homeland and elsewhere in the world. While our traditions have changed with modern and cross-cultural influences, our sustained existence in this place where our ancestors have thrived for millennia carries with it the core values of our ancestors.

Core Values

Physical Sphere - Nuna - Land

Social Sphere - Suuget - People

Cognitive Sphere - Keneq - Fire; Process

Spiritual Sphere - Anerneq - Spirit

Ethical Sphere - Lla - Conscience