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Contributing Sponsors

This Kodiak Alutiiq Education website is produced in partnership with several individuals and Kodiak-based organizations. Contact information for the following sponsors is provided, along with an acknowledgment of their efforts for Alutiiq education:

Kodiak Island Borough School District (KIBSD)

Kodiak Island Borough School District (KIBSD) provided the initial funding through their Native Education Grant. This funding developed the shell for the website and initial content posting. As a major stakeholder for the education of Alaska Native students on Kodiak Island, KIBSD is eager to expand opportunities for community engagement and culturally responsive teaching practices. Their participation in this website is intended to provide easy access to teachers, families and students to historical and cultural information about the Kodiak Alutiiq people, along with curriculum resources for use within schools.

Native Educators of the Alutiiq Region (NEAR)

A group of dedicated Alutiiq teachers and Elders contributed much of the research and curriculum selection that appears within the Resource database on this site. Many thanks to: Teri Schneider, Sabrina Sutton, Karly Gunderson, Peggy Azuyak, Vicki Woodward, Judy Olsen, Rosa Wallace, Irene Coyle, Julie Knagin, Florence Pestrikoff, Roy Madsen and all those who have supported NEAR in the past.

Koniag Education Foundation

As a major partner in developing student mentorship efforts for Kodiak Alutiiq people, Koniag Education Foundation contributed in-kind planning support for this website with a goal of future expansion of its content and infrastructure. Contact: Jesse Kreger, Executive Director.

Kodiak College

Through a recently funded Department of Education Title III grant, added support for research into Alutiiq Studies contributes to idenfication of educational resources. Contact: Libby Eufemio, Assistant Professor of Alutiiq Language & Culture, Kodiak College, Alutiiq Studies

Native Village of Afognak

Through an Administration for Native Americans language program grant #90NL0530-01-00 and support from Afognak Native Corporation, Native Village of Afognak has led development of and a host of educational resources for teaching the Kodiak Alutiiq language. The collaborative website for Alutiiq Language education was an inspiration for this website on wider Kodiak Alutiiq history and education resources for educators and families. Contact: Melissa Borton, Tribal Administrator.

Alutiiq Museum

The Alutiiq Museum's research, exhibits, publications, and archival preservation efforts are significant contributors to the content of this website, along with staff contributions of the photographs featured throughout website banners. Contact:Dehrich Chya.


As followup to her dissertation on Kodiak Alutiiq literature and core values, Alisha Drabek, PhD, planned, fundraised and designed this website. She serves as lead site content developer. Please contact Alisha with additional postings and recommendations for ongoing site development.